Dagens insprationsbild – läder, ränder och en gnutta färg

Inspirationsbild från Pinterest

Inspirationsbild från Pinterest

Inspiration till dagens outfit hämtar jag från den här bilden. Läder, randigt och en gnutta färg.

Today’s outfit is inspired by this picture. Leather, stripes and a touch of color.



  1. I know the girl ; it’s Sofie Valkiers and she actually lives in my hometown. She blogs and recently took part in a lifestyle show on telly. Personally, I like what she wears but you feel she’s influenced by the shops that give her freebees. I like your style more Susanne ! Your edgy, fun and you always are dressed to the nines – chapeau (hats off), being a working mom and all !!

    PS I wanted to ask you for the longest time, can I mention you as my style inspiration on my blog ? Maybe you can send me a picture I can use and link back to your blog here ? Let me know.


    1. Hej Dominica, THANK you for your super sweet comments – made my day!! Ofcourse you can mention me as your style inspiration. I would be honored. You can take the picture you like the most and please link to my blog. Thank you!! Hugs Susanne

      1. wow ! thank you so much !

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